Cityscape of Indirapuram | A Residential Hub in Ghaziabad | Day Shot

Our founders advise the Landmark and Banyan Real Estate Funds. LBREA provides professional services to global investors, including sovereign wealth, pensions, and endowments on their real estate asset portfolios across jurisdictions.

LNG carrier at sunset on the roads.

We invest opportunistically across asset classes including equities, fixed income, and commodities. We continuously look for differentiated strategies that provide uncorrelated absolute returns.

Two men are planting trees and watering them to help increase oxygen in the air, Save world save life and Plant a tree concept.

We work with driven entrepreneurs across sectors. We also provide advisory services to innovative companies to achieve mutual benefit. Have an idea or cool concept?

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Solar Panels

We are focused on advancing the world’s sustainability efforts through the development of renewable energy and infrastructure across the globe.