Sustainable Returns
in a Developing World

Sustainable Returns
in a Developing World

Das & Co.

Das and Co. is a New York based family office specializing in real estate, venture capital, and infrastructure projects in emerging markets. We are currently active in the US, India, the Caribbean, and East Africa and have partners on all 5 continents.

We are motivated by a desire to create sustainable value while respecting the environment, local communities, and the advancement of human development.

Building Long Term Value

We leverage our expertise in emerging-market development and our worldwide relationships to build long-term value in companies and ventures in diverse domains and locations, spanning various sectors, including real estate, technology, and commodities.

Global Sustainability

We believe that transitioning to a clean economy is a moral imperative for this century. We invest in businesses that combat climate change and increase global economic sustainability by reducing the carbon emissions of energy production and other activities, while also generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Strong Foundation

We also pursue unique and interesting private equity opportunities. Our modus operandi involves advising and partnering with visionary and driven entrepreneurs at all stages of the growth process to ensure building a strong foundation for long-term success.

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