Apex Resources

Dadkarim Mulla

Mr. Mulla, Apex’s Chief Administrative Office is the co-founder and CEO of Amodoria and was was recently appointed as the Group CEO for the Dubai-based Mulla Group. Prior to founding Amodoria, Mr. Mulla attended Brown University in the United States where he pursued a BA in Economics and Political Science.

In addition to his achievements at Amodoria, Mr. Mulla has also orchestrated a landmark investment fund with a New York based private equity firm to develop a 5-star hotel and mixed-use commercial project in Dar es Salaam and a greenfield project in Southern Tanzania.

He continues to play a key role in the Mr. Mulla Group’s strategic plans in the metals and mining, agricultural, FMCG and wildlife sectors that the group currently operates in. Originally of Omani and Persian decent, Mr. Mulla has spent most of his life living in different countries, which include Tanzania, Namibia, Singapore, the UK and the United States.

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